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Medical Waste Environmental Engineers, Inc.

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Look what our customers are saying about us.


“The landfill is the right place for regular garbage. However, it’s not the right place for medical waste. When we find needles in the public dump, we call MWEE. They clean it up and treat the needles, which is legally required. Nice work, MWEE.”

– Edward, Public Works Department, Central Coast Agency

“I used to work for a delivery service. One day a box fell and broke open. There were vials of white powder everywhere! I took my van to MWEE as an emergency and they cleaned it up immediately. They were so helpful and they really know their stuff”.

– Cramer, Delivery Professional, Santa Barbara

“We found needles and blood in the public restroom here at the shopping mall. We had to close the facility. Immediately called Kimberlee. MWEE to the rescue. Within an hour, clean up, restroom back online, facility up and running. Fast and reliable, that’s how I would describe MWEE.”

– Mike, Shopping Mall Manager, Santa Barbara County

“There was a large and messy medical emergency in our family restaurant and my husband could not reopen until it was cleaned up and hauled away. MWEE came and picked up all the hazardous trash as quickly as we could get it cleaned up. Thanks to MWEE we didn’t miss a beat and we’re back in business!”

– Joe, Restaurant Owner, Simi Valley

“Once upon a time, we used a mail-in service. What a mistake. We asked for documentation about our waste disposal. They couldn’t provide anything. Scary! Fortunately, we learned our lesson and MWEE was there to help. We rest easy knowing that Santa Maria’s own MWEE’s with 25 years in the business reduces our risk while we focus on what we do best.”

– Joanna, Administrative Assistant, Surgical Center

“My vet office was slated for inspection in a week. I had no idea what to do because we hadn’t had a pickup in years. Kimberly at MWEE solved the problem and made sure we were ready. She had their hauler out to our business before the inspectors came and provided me with documentation that everything had been treated correctly. What a relief!”

– Gina, Manager Vet Office, North Santa Barbara County

“MWEE has great customer service! In an age in which it’s really hard to get a live person on the phone, the people at MWEE actually answer their phone. Thanks Kimberlee, Nolan and staff for being local, personal, and professional. You’re a true asset to the Central Coast.”

– Jennifer, Dental Office Administrator, Santa Maria

“I bought out a practice not too long ago. I was moving stuff around and I found medical waste and sharps containers hiding in the attic. I called MWEE, they knew exactly what to do, and they came over and took care of business.”

– Mark, Central Coast Physician, Practice Owner


California Department of Public Health
Department of Toxic Substances Control for BioHazardous Waste transport.
Weighmaster License from Department of Food and Agriculture Division of Measurement Standards
California Highway Patrol for 90 day BIT inspections for truck
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